Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral (Episcopal)

Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral (Episcopal)

415 West 13th Street       Kansas City, Missouri 64105-1350

Telephone:         (816) 474-8260

Facsimile:            (816) 474-5856


Information about Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral

Since 1935 Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral has been the Cathedral Church for the Diocese of West Missouri. The congregation evolved from two earlier parish churches: Grace Church, originally founded as St. Paul’s Church and renamed Grace Church in 1873, and Trinity Church, founded in 1883. Trinity Church was located at 10th and Tracy, on the side of downtown. In 1917, the two merged under the leadership of the Rev. Robert Nelson Spencer, who was later elected Bishop of the Diocese of West Missouri.

The current Cathedral is located on the site of the second Grace Church building. The original Guild Hall, constructed beginning in 1888, was completed in March of 1890, and is the oldest building in the Cathedral complex.  The foundation of the Cathedral itself was laid in 1889, and the first worship service was held in it on December 16, 1894. The building was consecrated on May 15, 1898. The style of the building is Transitional Norman Gothic and was designed by Frederick E. Hill, based on ideas from the Rev. Cameron Mann, D. D., rector of Grace Church, who traveled to Europe to study parish and cathedral church designs.

In 1988 extensive repairs and renovations were completed, resulting, in part, from a collapse of a section of the north wall in January 1986. In the renovation of the chancel, liturgical emphasis was placed on the Liturgies of Baptism, the Eucharist and the Word.

Grace and Holy Trinity is both a parish and cathedral church, and as such seeks to serve the spiritual needs of the congregation, diocese and the greater community.

I am deeply indebted to the fine research pertaining to the history and content of the Grace and Holy Trinity stained glass windows by Randal J. Loy and his upcoming book The Glorious Masterworks of Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral.

A fuller discussion of Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral  and its glorious windows may be found at the Grace and Holy Trinity blog page .


 All photographs by Bruce Appel.

All rights reserved.

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3 Responses to Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral (Episcopal)

  1. Alison says:

    Hi dad, you are creating an amazing blog! My favorite so far is the hart window. Some thoughts… when you include a link can you embed it more naturally, rather than saying click this link, just say this was made by tiffany and the word tiffany itself is the link? Are you going to go back later and take out your comments where you talk about the site, for example “not sure if i should include this here ” type of comments. Are these in for the benefit of classmates? I think it is a wonderful site and i am enjoying watching as it comes together 🙂


    • bappel2014 says:

      Thanks Ali. Great comments. Yes I will look into the links. Actually I’d like the Tiffany link to go to a Tiffany page. But if I make the Grace and Holy Trinity into a link that would do it. I want to be sure I link to a page and not the post. I’ll work on it. Yes I do need to edit the whole blog. Some things were comments for “classmates” and I may just remove some of those early posts. Still experimenting a lot.
      Keep poking around in the blog. I hope to move much stuff from the posts I originally completed to the more static pages and learn how to effectively use categories, tags etc. I am pretty excited with what I have accomplished in less than two weeks. love ya, Dad


      • bappel2014 says:

        By the way. The story about the Hart window is fascinating. The basic design was probably done by Agnes Northrup, a wonderful Tiffany designer. It was used in many versions, both with and with out the deer, and for smaller domestic settings. Our window was made as a memorial for Wm Rockhill Nelson. (Nelson Gallery) Well the window was installed and glorious. Then one night the newfangled electric powered organ started a fire in the cathedral. The only way the fire fighters could get to the fire (big stone building) was to punch through the window, totally destroying it. So the window in place now is the replacement Tiffany produced and installed a few years later. The window faces the west and I have been there when the sun is setting and the woodland scene comes gloriously alive. I think you have been there ( we went for Christmas eve once) but it is hard to see the window well at night unless it is lit from outside. I will take you again when you are in town. Even if it isn’t sunset, it is fantastic. Keep exploring other posts and pages. Some pretty wonderful works to look at. Remember you can click on an image and make it larger and even full page if you go down to the bottom of the image.


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