Unity Temple on the Plaza

707 W. 47th St. (47th & Jefferson)

Kansas City, MO 64112



 Duke Tufty, Senior Minister


“The  stained glass windows at Unity Temple on the Plaza display colors of God’s love in ways we can experience and enjoy.  These windows invigorate our minds with scenes and images of spirituality and enliven our hearts with the warmth and colors of the light itself.  They translate pieces of great mystery into an experience of elemental joy.” Chuck Wood

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Love Window Unity Temple

The Chancel “Love” window symbolizes the evolution of love in human consciousness. The star’s five points represent prayer, healing, teaching, worship and community. It is one of the few remaining original windows of Unity Temple. The symbolism was outlined by L.E. Meyer, designed by Daniel MacMorris, and commissioned by the Women’s Auxillary in 1950. (Daniel MacMorris painted much of the decorative work in the Nelson Gallery. For more about him …)

The Love Window is one of the original windows from 1950. In 1971 fifty eight windows throughout the Temple were replaced with new designs by Ernest Wilson and Paul Mann.

.(The above text is from the Unity on the Plaza web site.)

For a a more complete discussion and listing of the Windows go to the Unity Temple   blog page. (Clicking on the highlighted name will take you to that page.)

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