Early Stained Glass in the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City, Missouri

Here are some examples of early stained glass in the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City.  Although  these windows are not located in a religiously affiliated institution now, they once were, and I  want to share them with you. For more examples and fuller identification go the  Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art page in this blog.

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5 Responses to Early Stained Glass in the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City, Missouri

  1. sharon pendleton says:

    Did KC have any “notable” stained glass studios during late 1800s?


    • bappel2014 says:

      Sharon, what a great question. (So glad you visited my blog.) I will look into it, but my sense is that most of the 19th century glass would have been near the end of the century. I know there definitely were some glass companies operating here at the end of the century. Let me do some research and get back to you. The next question is whether any of the early KC glass is still extant and in place. Even if glass were in a late 19th century building or church, those buildings may have been torn down and the glass lost to us. A few more questions:, What is your interest in this and how did you get to my blog? Oh yes, where are you located? thanks for visiting my blog. I haven’t added churches recently, but I hope to get out more this Spring. “Stay tuned.”


    • bappel2014 says:

      Sharon, the Windows in Saint Mary’s were designed by Thomas Bower Pain and manufactured in KC at Campbell Paint and Glass around the turn of the century (See St. Mary’s episcopal in the blog. Search under “Churches.”.) Another early company was Kansas City Glass Works.
      About the windows in St Mary’s:
      Founded in 1857, as the first Episcopal parish in Kansas City, St Mary’s has beckoned the faithful of downtown and surrounding communities from its current location at 13th and Holmes since June 1888. Many of Saint Mary’s Church windows were designed by Thomas Bower Pain who served as a senior warden at the church for many years. Pain was a stained glass designer and executive for the Campbell Paint and Glass Company. He was a prominent member of St. Mary’s until his death in 1936. Architect William Halsey Wood, 29, of Newark, New Jersey, designed the structure. I will research some more information in answer to your great question.. Keep them coming. Bruce


      • sharon pendleton says:

        Hi Bruce. And thanks for replying so quickly to my request for info. In 1976 I bought a fine panel from Mierhoff Antiques (then on River Quay) My recollection of this is a bit fuzzy as that was a few decades back but here is what I think she told me: The landscape panel is late Victorian, and once was in the home of Carrie Nation’s family. The ’51 Flood is how it ended up in her shop. I do not know if she even knew the name of maker, and this info so far may not be accurately recalled (by me). I would be happy to show a photo of this panel, if you share email address for attachment.

        Aside from this quest to learn the maker, my interest in glass is as a retired architect – which tends to lead to all sorts of interests. HA.


      • bappel2014 says:

        I responded before I read this email. Bruce Appel 432 W 62nd Terr Kansas City MO 64113 (816) 363-4171 bappel@swbell.net



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