Country Club Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

Inspired Glass

Country Club Christian Church located at 6101 Ward Parkway in Kansas City, Missouri 64113 is a structure of outstanding grace and beauty. Built in 1924, most of the  large windows in the Sanctuary were designed by Charles J. Connick. However the magnificent St Cecelia window was designed by the Jacoby Fine Art Glass Company of Saint Louis, Missouri. Many other fine windows throughout the church are by the Willet Studios of Philadelphia. The wonderful Combs Memorial Chapel also has windows designed Charles J. Connick. The web site for more information about this church is  

For a fuller discussion of Country Club Christian Church and its magnificent stained glass windows follow the highlighted link above to the full page located elsewhere in this blog.

Remember, you may see an enlargement of almost all of the images in this blog simply by clicking on the image.

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  1. Hi! I noticed that the “Munich Glass Studio of Chicago” page is not displaying correctly. I was interested in reading that information.


    • bappel2014 says:

      Thanks, Nick. I think I created some page ideas before I had material to put into them. Hope you do enjoy the rest of the blog. I need to fix that problem. It is agood project for me to work on. Hope you follow me.


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