Hanukkah Window Festival of Light

Judah Maccabeus

Judah Maccabeus



I recently shared a beautiful Nativity window with you from a church in Saint Louis, Missouri.  While Christmas celebrations begin on December 24 all around the world,  Hanukkah, the Jewish Festival of Lights/Dedication, also starts on December 24th this year, and continues for eight days.

Here is a window dedicated to the hero of the Book of Maccabee, Judah Maccabee, which I photographed a couple of years ago in the sanctuary of Temple Beth Israel in West Hartford, Connecticut.

One of my favorite Hanukkah pictures was taken last year in my house at our family gathering. My wonderful gift stands proudly next to our beautiful Menorah. My family treats me well.



I know that all of our prayers this year are for a world of peace, charity and hope. Enjoy the holidays, and remember those less fortunate.

Best to you all in 2017.

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