A Blogger Recognition Award for Bruce

So many wonderful “Blogs” in the world. (Billions according to WordPress.) And so many talented Bloggers. What a surprise then this week to realize that I had been honored with  a Blogger Recognition Award by Jill Printzenhoff,  whose Anecdotes Along Life’s Road: Glimpses of Gold on a Dusty Path   I have been following for a few years. Jill has been reading my blog pretty much since its inception in 2014. Lord knows how we discovered each other’s blogs, but I have enjoyed her honest and thoughtful discussions of her development as a writer and her spiritual journey. She is an excellent writer who shares her heart, mind and soul in a direct and engaging manner. Thanks, Jill, it is an honor to be recognized by you. http://jillprintzenhoff.com

I started my blog Inspired Glass in Kansas City’s Religious Institutions without knowing anything about blogs or WordPress. Somehow, I can’t remember how it happened, I signed up for a WordPress 101 introductory online course for for people who wanted to learn about blogging and how to get started writing one. It was an easy introduction and by the end of a week I had created and begun writing my very own blog. As I recall, it was about that time that I had the idea to document and research stained-glass windows in Kansas City’s wonderfully diverse religious institutions. So the blog began simply as a vehicle for organizing and writing about the churches and other spiritual centers in my own community. It was a way to share with friends, family and other interested folk my “adventures” and “discoveries.”  I never really anticipated “followers” from across the country or even much further away (primarily in the UK). But the internet and the world of Blogging is a seductive mistress. Before I knew it, and I still do not remember how I connected with those first bloggers, I was following blogs from people I had never met, but with whom I believe I have formed a sort of long-distance friendship.

So now it is my turn to recognize a few people whose blogs I have enjoyed and with whom I have traveled vicariously. We have walked in ruins together, visited small out-of-the-way churches, explored beautiful buildings and gardens, “sampled” delicious foods, observed lovers and children, the elderly and the young relaxing and working, from pubs in Ireland, to markets in Central America,  to dancers on the banks of the Seine. There are many wonderful writers and photographers in the blogosphere. Here are a few I follow and who I want to recognize with an Award.

My first Recognition Award goes to Wife of Bath whose Picnic at the Cathedral is an enchanting journey to cities, towns, and villages in far-off places across the globe. With a great sense of humor, a healthy degree of irreverence,  a great eye for art and architecture,  and a rich understanding of history, the Wife of Bath takes readers along with herself and her husband as they seek out very budget conscious travel and delicious gastronomic discoveries. They are courageous street food noshers. https://picnicatthecathedral.com

My second Recognition Award goes to Blosslyn, whose blog Echoes of the Past is an always engaging exploration of people and places in the UK,  though she will take you along to beautiful places on the Continent if you let her. She has a inquiring  eye and an ever ready camera to record, lighthouses, gardens, trains, and folk in their many interesting occupations. But what I love in Blodssyn’s work is her exploration of churches throughout the British Isles and elsewhere. We share  an interest in stained glass and  I have been enriched by her documentation of the many splendid windows the various churches she has invited me to “visit” with her.  https://blosslynspage.wordpress.com

My next Recognition Award goes to Caroline, whose Flickering Lamps blog is a fascinating exploration of architecture and history, often centered around churches and cemeteries, again mostly in the UK, but now and then in France. Caroline’s well researched and beautifully written blogs, provide the reader with engaging and effectively illustrated discussions of places and personages who usually have fascinating historical significance. Taking a walk with her as she explores places one might easily miss as a tourist, or even in a part of the city one thought one knew well, is always interesting and informative. I love letting her lead me on a walk that never fails to uncover a rich treasure of information. She is a great teacher. I know I appreciate what I learn from her every time she gives me a tour of a place I probably would never have encountered. https:// flickeringlamps.com.

There seems to be no end to wonderful photography blogs, but I feel fortunate to have discovered Pat Callahan’s Photography blog.  Pat is a sensitive and accomplished photographer whose work in color and black-and-white captures the beauty of people at all  ages and in different cultures.  His recent work from Guatemala revealed colorful markets and the people there with a loving eye, respectful of their beauty and their dignity. Pat sensitively records children in their moments of joy, trepidation, and exploration or risk. Their relationships are lovingly captured in his work. He observes and records the common interactions of people as they socialize in a pub in Ireland or Tango in a street in Paris. He has a great eye and I believe his sensitive heart is revealed in every photo he posts. I am happy to offer him my Recognition Award, though he needs no award from me. Anyone who follows his blog is captivated by his talent.  https://patcallahanphotography.com/

Who has the patience and time to enjoy the many thoughtful, inspiring, educational, stimulating blogs in the blogging universe? Indeed it is a diverse and rewarding place to explore. Perhaps you will follow these bloggers and feel as rewarded for doing so as I have.

I know it has been a while since I have added new Stained glass windows to this blog. Now that season has changed, I plan to be out knocking on church doors again. I Hope you enjoy the new postings during the rest of this year. Happy blogging all.

Rules for the Nominees:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  • Write a post to show your award.
  • Give a brief story of how your blog started.
  • Give pieces of advice to new bloggers.
  • Select 5 to 15 other bloggers you want to give this award to.
  • Comment on each blog and let them know you have nominated and provide the link to the post you created.




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5 Responses to A Blogger Recognition Award for Bruce

  1. bappel2014 says:

    Congratulations, Bruce! This is a wonderful acknowledgement of your very interesting blog. It’s time to hit the pavement again and document more churches!


  2. Gini Wharton says:

    Congratulations on your much deserved Blogger Recognition Award. Your blog is very professional, educational and “fun” to read. And, your photography is outstanding.


  3. Congrats on your award Bruce and thanks for including me with such a fine group of bloggers, especially Blosslyn whose photos I stalk almost obsessively!


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