St. Alphonsus Liguori “The Rock” Catholic Church (Saint Louis, Missouri)

St. Alphonsus Ligouri Catholic Church
“The Rock”
A Redemptorist Parish
1118 N. Grand Blvd.
St. Louis MO 63106
(314) 533-0304

A recent trip to Saint Louis offered me an opportunity to visit this outstandingly beautiful church. Unlike  my other posts, where I presented a full discussion of each of the windows in a particular church, I’d like to share just a few of the many beautiful stained glass windows  in this church in several posts.  This post will introduce you to the church and to some of its wonderful stained-glass windows. Subsequent posts will continue my sharing of the beautiful windows in this church. 

(In December of 2016, I shared the beautiful Nativity window as a gift to my Christian followers. Here is a “short-link” to the post with images from that window This link should take you to that window.) 

Our Mother of Perpetual Help

St. Alphonsus Liguori Catholic Church is known far and wide as “The Rock”. The parish is staffed by the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer, better known as The Redemptorists. The parish made history in 1922, when it began the weekly perpetual Novena in honor of Our Mother of Perpetual Help. This Novena is prayed weekly in almost every country in the world.

This historic church features beautiful Old-World architecture, glorious stained glass, incredible stone and marble work, and one of four surviving pipe organs of its kind in the country.



The faith community today is predominately African American. Its liturgies reflect the African American culture and are complimented by two dynamic gospel choirs. The Black figure on the crucifix eloquently reflects the church’s ministry to a largely African-American population.




The windows, by Meyer & Company of Munich and New York, were installed in the years leading up to the 1904 St Louis World’s Fair.

Presentation of Our Lord (Luke 2:22-40)

So this is just a preview of some of the windows from St. Alphonsus Liguori “The Rock” Catholic Church. Here are a few we will look at more closely in the next blogs.

(You can enlarge these images by “clicking” on them.)






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2 Responses to St. Alphonsus Liguori “The Rock” Catholic Church (Saint Louis, Missouri)

  1. bappel2014 says:

    Bruce, I like your mini-post. It whets the appetite to see and learn more about this church! Thanks. I look forward to further posts.


  2. bappel2014 says:

    I don’t know why it looks like my post is from you when it’s really from me–Lorrie Eigles!


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