About Me

Hi, I am Bruce Appel. I am enchanted with stained glass windows and have recently begun a project documenting and creating a directory of stained glass windows in religiously affiliated locations the Kansas City metropolitan area.  I also have begun documenting windows in other locations as I travel. I will be posting many images to share the joy I get from looking at and learning about these treasures with anyone who visits this blog. I hope you enjoy my sharing my experiences with you. Of course I’m interested in your thoughts, comments and any helpful information you wish to share with me and other bloggers about locations you think I should try to visit or about the creators of these wonderful creations, or even the content or history of the windows.

I recently retired from a career as a mental health counselor and college instructor. I still teach part-time in Webster University’s  Masters degree program in counseling here in Kansas City. My wife, Lorrie, is a life coach and visual artist.  We are both Licensed Professional Counselors in Missouri. I am also trying to become a better photographer. (One day I may create another blog with photos of butterflies and orchids. But getting started on one blog is enough for now.) I also serve as a volunteer guide at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art here in Kansas City.

So enjoy the blog and let’s learn together about the rich artistic, spiritual, and social histories of our stained glass legacies.



One Response to About Me

  1. Tracey Boswell says:

    Great idea Bruce! We definitely need this project. How can we help?


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