Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception

416 W 12th Street   Kansas City, MO 64105

Phone: (816) 842-0416

(The following is from the church web site and other publications)


As the mother church of the Diocese, The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception is the spiritual, prophetic and physical symbol of the Catholic presence in the area. The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception Parish is the oldest worshiping congregation of Kansas City, dating back to a log cabin church at 11th and Pennsylvania in 1834.  The church was renamed  the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in 1893.

Stained Glass Memorial Windows

The stained glass windows were installed in 1912.   The windows were designed by an American artist working at the Kansas City Stained Glass Works Company and based on images from religious books and other sources.   The memorial windows are made of antique glass imported from Germany and England and were created by one of the last of the German Master-craftsmen, who immigrated to KC and set up his own shop here. Records indicate that the windows were fabricated by  German and  English artisans,

The Rose window and windows in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel were designed by Michael Pilla and installed in 19??

Windows on the east side of the sanctuary depict scenes from Jesus’ early life, from the Annunciation to his Baptism. All scenes on the west side are from his public ministry, after his baptism, and include two windows depicting scenes from the parables of the Prodigal Son and the Good Shepherd.

The windows,  their scriptural sources, and memorial and donor information.

The Rose Window

Cthedral of the Immaculate Conception Rose Window








The Rose Window is an abstract of the idea of the Immaculate Conception of Mary (Sun, moon, and crown of 12 stars).

This window was designed by Michael Pilla and was installed in  19??

The Immaculate Conception Window

Immaculate Conception window

Conceived Without Sin                     

  In Memory of Patrick Soden

from the Immaculate Conception Window           Immaculate Conception window  detail


Annunciation Window

Annuciation window - detail

The word was made flesh  John 1:14










The Nativity Window

from Nativity "Glory to God in the Highest"

Glory to God in the highest  Luke 2:14










The Baptism Window

[Insert image here]                 

This is my beloved son               

Thomas and Margaret Reilly

“The baptism in the Jordan closed our Lord’s private life and began his public ministry. He had come down into the water known to most men only as the son of Mary: He came out ready to reveal himself as what he had been from all eternity-the Son of God.”


The Agony in the Garden Window 

The Agony in the Garden  "My Soul is Sorrowful"My soul is sorrowful  Matthew 26:38

Donated by Mrs H Dexter









Mary Magdalene at the Feet of Jesus Window

044 copy

Thy Sins are Forgiven Thee 










The Resurrection Window  

from He is Risen

He is risen   Matthew 28:6

Donated by Mrs. James McGowan









The St Joseph Window  

St Joseph and Christ Child from "Ite Ad Joseph" Ite Ad Joseph         

In memory of Patrick Corrigan








The Good Shepherd Window  

I am the Good shepherdI am the good shepherd      

In memory of Byron Cunningham










The Prodigal Son Returning Window

Father I Have Sinned Against Heaven and Against Thee

Gift of J. B Ghio










The Holy Family at Nazareth Window

Teh Holy Family at Nazareth "He Was Subject to Them"He was subject to them  Luke 2:51

Pray for Richard and Catherine Ryan












Christ Teaching in the Temple Window 

from Christ Teaching in the Temple "All That Hear Him"All who heard him were astonished  Luke 2:47

Donated by William Kenefick







The Crucifixion Window  

Crucifixion "It is Consummated"It is consummated   John 19:30

In memory of James B. McGowan











St Cecelia Window

036 copyPraise Him with strings and organs

In memory of   Cecelia Dugan Lynch






Father Bernard Donnelly Window

[Insert image here]


The Blessed Sacrament Chapel Windows


A sunset over the hill where Jesus multiplied the five loaves and two fishes and fed over 5000people

Created by Michael Pilla

Installed in 19??

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